Sunday, May 23, 2010


Everyone see that lovely yellow butterfly on the left side panel? Does anyone recognize it? I've been trying to find it's designer because I want permission to make it or purchase the pattern if it's for sale. So far no luck. I can figure out how to make it by the photograph alone but I like to give credit where it's due. I'm going to try posting the picture on Intatters and see if anyone knows who's pattern it is. I was asked to make by June 13 (which is also my anniversary) so I'm kinda running out of time here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I haven't made any further progress on the curtains, I've been distracted reading everyone else's I've also included myself into a challenge group on Intatters to make items from vintage magazines to give the patterns a more modern look. I have most of those magazines in question, and it gives me a direction to tat during those moments we all get.... wanting to tat but can't seem to settle on anything. Come on, you know you've been there. I've started one piece already and I'll most likely finish it later today. Funny thing is my body's tired but my hands can't stay still..does that make sense?
I may be heading back to the in-laws for a couple of days, still debating. I can only handle family so much right now, in-laws or not. My patience with good intention advice about this pregnancy seems to be annoying not only me but the baby too. I get more nauseous the more they keep talking. Sounds unfair? Yeah but it's true.
Edit: Here's a larger picture of it...


  1. Do you have a better pic of this butterfly? I really can't see it that well. The inner part of the wings, what little I can see, looks familiar.

  2. I'll try and post a larger picture.


    It's on flickr. Try emailing the maker to see if the pattern is hers or if she used someone else's. I'm pretty sure I've seen it but can't put my finger on it.