Friday, May 7, 2010

Treasure hunt

I went over to my grandfather's for a quick visit. We went into the garage/storage unit because I remember having stored a very large portable gazebo with misquito netting in there. I wanted to put our new above ground pool into it (if it fits lol). Long story short, no gazebo found but I did find these:
I bought them when I went to Mexico oh 3 years ago? My memeory is fuzzyish on the time frame. They are Iris brand pearl size 8 thread, it lists as 10 grams.
 I'm not sure on how grams convert to yards but it's enough for a small doily with one ball or some other small project. I do remember that I purchased it in Guadalajara, and the shopkeeper threw in that plastic container when I purhased the dozen. I mostly spent money on the fruit vendors there, I ate the healthiest during that time and I lost the most weight ever. Good times good times.
I made the 10 magnolias minus the fan and will take them to give tomorrow since I got Mother's day off. My Tatsy's companion arrived today with the card still attached. The nice thing is the card lists the yards of thread it will hold based off of sizing. It doesn't take into account the more common sizes like 20/30/40 but does give the sizing for 70 as 210 yards! It does give the sizing for pearl  and Cro-sheen thread.  I've never thought to use Cro-sheen because it's just way too thick for my prefrences. Now I can load that baby up and start on my curtains with the size 10 thread. I also found a rare find on etsy...4 tatting shuttles for $4.94! I jumped on that as quick as could be and they also arrived today. There was 2 justrite shuttles one with no markings and a black celluliod shuttle with the tips not quite touching on one end. I had a Justrite shuttle before but these have the bobbin with a funny shape in it.


  1. grams is just the weight of the ball, like in ounces. It wouldn't convert to length. The way labels are marked, it is confusing to find the actual length sometimes. Like Venus threads - I think it says 20 grams in a big font and then over to the side you see a tiny #40 which is the size of the thread.

    I'm looking at a vintage ball of TYN thread and it has 70 in a big red circle. Up above, it says 20 grm in tiny lettering so I'm thinking this is size 70 and the ball is 20 grams. Then there are sewing threads that go by "wt." which is not length but the size of the thread - in yet another measurement!

  2. Forgot to say the length is often in meters - the size 70 I just mentioned says 210 mts. It's from Argentina so I'm guessing it's 210 meters which would be approximately the same number of yards, maybe a bit less.

  3. Wow never thought of that. I suppose I could just measure it all out but I'm too lazy.LOL.. thank you for the info Gina. ^_^