Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back to the point

In today's mail was my second Pop-A-Bobbin shuttle! This one is in cherry. I already have her loaded up with the size 10 bamboo thread. I've restarted the square motifs, and I'm finding that I prefer it in the larger thread rather than the size I normally use. Well that might just be tactile preference, the bamboo thread feels more luxurious to my fingers.
So now, with a complete set of shuttles, I have felt my urge to tat return!
The pattern I'm making is another one of those with a horrible picture to give you a very generalistic idea on what the finished product should be.

I've tried to clean up the photo as best I could, but this is the best I could get. I will have to remember to read ahead on the pattern, to know where to split ring climb out of stuff. I just hope that the finish product doesn't end up being too heavy. That's one of the reasons I stay away from this size of thread. The thread is Aunt Lydia's crochet thread. The crafts store had it in 3 basic colors, white, ecru, and puke pink. Seriously, the pink looked like something faded, it was just ugly to me. I may end up dyeing a batch myself, if I should ever want a bit of color with this. But for now, I'm content with just the white.The small diamond is the basic shape that will be joined together, like a puzzle. I have to give a bit more slack to the picots, otherwise the diamond will bunch up and not lay flat. There is an outer chaining that will leave the open areas you can kinda make out.
I've started another blog for the cross stitching I'll be doing from time to time. I know in the month's to come I'll have time. I used a photo of one of the first projects I made, as a button. At least until I actually finish one of my own. The design is from Mirabilia's Design and it's called Garden Verses, for anyone wondering. It's not the one I actually finished, just a stock photo. Back to my shuttles I go..


  1. Ooh! Bamboo thread! Now that sounds like a fun fiber to work with!

  2. I have seen this pattern would be interesting to see how the work progresses.

  3. Are you using the Aunt Lydia brand? This is the first I've heard of this thread. I did a little research and found these 'Bamboo Facts' at "naturally anti-bacterial, odor resistant, breathable and cool, 3 times more absorbent than cotton and durable and strong with a silky hand." I'm thinking this could be a great thread for drink coasters and tray mats.

  4. Eliz, yes it is the Aunt Lydia brand. It's the only kind availible in my local shops here.