Monday, June 21, 2010

Bedrest is officially over..Yipee! I was so not happy during this time. Went to work this weekend, found an incredible deal on a gas powered lawn mower for DH (he's been hinting he wanted a new one), did a little bit of tatting, and put some time into cross stitching.
I've already encountered a problem with the pattern I'm working on. Now, I'm a graphic type of person. So using my photo editing software I did a graph according to the written directions. Now, this is supposed to be the center piece. Then there's a chain-based outer area surrounding this. The problem is that, if I followed the stated count on the little motifs, there is no way the chain work will end with the shape of a square. It would be a weird oblong shape. So I added a second motif to the top and bottom corners, but the chain work still would not look right. Then I removed the two motifs from the center line and it gives me the square that would to a certain extent,work with the chain work. I don't know how old this pattern really is, but it's kind of common knowledge to expect typos with older patterns. Too bad the website doesn't give you any information on the designer. After deciding to omit the two points, I had to sit and figure out how to split ring climb from row to row. I haven't quite figured out that part. I was  getting fraustrated with it so I set it aside, and took up the curtains again. While tatting on them, I realized I could use the technique for the curtains, and try and apply it to this. I haven't gotten that far yet, it's still mostly mental tatting. I told myself I would do at least one of these blocks as close to the original design, before I started 'tweaking' it to make it faster and easier to tat..example..less cut and ties.

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