Monday, June 14, 2010

New experiences with thread

DH and I had a wonderful lunch, then we headed to his mother's where we stayed the night. She tried teaching both of us the correct way to crochet. DH gave up on it and learned to knit instead. We had stopped at another craft store on our way back from lunch and he found a ball of thread he 'definatately wanted made into a blanket'. So that's how the whole thing begin. I learned to start a chain and how to do a double and triple chain.
He began the first two rows of knitting. I didn't get a picture of that, wish I had though. All in all, I had a wonderful anniversary. The best present he could have given me, he did. He was willing to put aside his XBOX to learn something that he had no interest in, just so we would have more things to do together. I was so touched by it. The above picture will eventually be a baby throw. I'm using size 10 bamboo thread and the smalller of the crochet hooks my MIL had on her. It was actually a hook for hair streaking, the hook has the name L'Oreal in the center, so I'm not sure on the size of the hook. LOL.. I may do another page for the crochet I do, just to keep it seperate from my tatting. But I'm not sure of a new blog for it, since I doubt crochet will hold my interest for too long. She was impressed by the even tension of my starter chain, and I told her it was easier to control tension because of my tatting. The concept is similiar enough that I understood quicker, although when I saw DC in the pattern my mind kept seeing DS and I wanted to tat it instead.
Another crafty thing I did was make some plastic buttons.
I picked up this little gizmo at Micheal's the other day. The button has a clear plastic sheet covering the picture. We cut that picture out of the ads that we get in the mail. The machine itself was fraustrating to use. It's marked for kids , but I doubt they'd get much enjoyment out of it. I had a hard time getting this button to come out right. It may work for say, scrapbooking, but forget it if you actually want to wear the buttons made with it. They wouldn't survive very long. It wasn't really expensive, still they could have used less plastic in the back and made it more secure in the front. I went online trying to find button making machines, but it seems the ones used by myself and my daughter are no longer carried. Well, you can find them on ebay or sometimes but they're sold by others and way overpriced. You may as well purchase a real button machine for some of the asking prices. At least it semi-amused for half an hour. The top left is one I didn't quite cut correctly, the top right is the front of the button with no picture, bottom left is one cut correctly, and finally bottom right is the back of the button. It's sized to a US quater.

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