Monday, June 7, 2010

Small Interlude

I'm back from spending the week at the In-laws again. I get spoiled too much there. I don't always enjoy it because I'm independant by nature and having DH wait on me hand and foot can be unnerving after a while. Well, I go through my mail and to my joy, my Pop-A-Bobbin shuttle arrived! I pulled it out and man-handled it for about an hour before my body decided it wanted a nap. Note I said mind won't rest.
I took my laptop with me, but no one there could figure out the wireless code, so it sat unused. I had my folders full of PDF's to tat, but didn't really make anything. I started with a simple ring and ended up making one of the long side panels to the EL Dorado doily. I actually made four of these before I stopped tatting completely. I do have the majority of the week off, thanks to me tossing my cookies and almost passing out at work, so I'm going to work on some of the Intatters Summer Challenge.
Well, I'll post pictures of the above juicies later this week since I'm too distracted to remember where I put that camera.

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