Friday, June 25, 2010

Some venting and griping

I had a really bad experience yesterday. First off, I saw my midwife yesterday instead of the doc. She basically reassured me that there is only one baby not two. This was at the end of the visit. The visit started out ambically enough. She used the doppler and we heard the baby's heart beat. When I brought up the question of being told it may be twins, she didn't bother to search to see if there was a second heartbeat. I brought up the subject of the ultrasound, again hedging. I made the mistake of mentioning that I didn't much care for the previous doc who saw me last time (my doc was out doing rounds), and that he didn't seem to listen to me and that I thought he seemed wishy-washy. She blew up! Started chastising me, telling me he's been with the company X number of years, and that he was more than qualified to be seeing me to not question his qualifications as a on and so on..I was being chastised for a bit, while my husband and I both held a look of shock on our faces. When she realized that she may have overstepped her boundaries, she tried to go back to professional, looking over my chart. She hadn't looked at it before except to note that I've lost 6 pounds since last visit.

This opened another can of worms.. I've had abnormal results before, I saw a specialist, who after a year of visits, gave us the okay to have our last child. She basically said not directly but the gist of it was, that I had no business getting pregnant. That if it turned out to be problematic there was nothing they could do for me because I was already pregnant. WTF! I was beyond angry at this point. DH being the man that he was, held my hand and just kept squeezing it to remind me to watch what I say. I tried to explain to her what was going on and she basically said she would make sure my next visit would indeed be with my doctor. That she wasn't getting caught in the 'middle of it'. Whatever that meant. I wanted to punch her in her face, that's how pissed I was with her attitude. I've used her before and never had this happen. I will NOT be using her services ever again. When she heard my teeth grinding (kind of hard to not tell I was mad) she asked why we thought we may be having twins. I told her what the wishy-washy doc had said about my hormone levels, and that he hadn't even bothered to give my test results for Gestational diabetes. At this point I already knew I didn't have GD because I called and spoke with a nurse who gave me the info. DH later said he thought she was going to walk out of the room because I said 'that wishy-washy doc' again. She said that my chart doesn't have any notes of him saying that. I tried REALLY hard not to be sarcastic, I really did. Good intentions didn't last long. Long story short, we both have an understanding we do not want to see each other again. She told me in a snippy voice that my doctor will decide when and if they do any ultrasounds and she didn't see any reason to believe I may be carrying twins. That it was up to my insurance and the doc to decide where my quality of care will go.

If they would have taken my blood pressure at that point, they would've called an ambulance. I know my face was red hot. I could feel anger like dry heat coming off my face. In fact, when they drew blood they had other technicians there in case 'something happened'. When the receptionist was scheduling my next appointment she asked me if there was anything she could do to help. I responded no. She handed me a paper and said I could file my complaint anonymously if I wanted to. Apparently I hadn't been that good at maintaining my composure. DH said if the insurance was being a pain about the ultrasounds, we could go get one of those 3D ones and find out for ourselves if we are having twins. I love that man. I said I would wait to see my own doc in a month.
I know we all have 'days'. But when you choose health care as your profession, you should be professional at all times while with a patient. Wait until they leave and go bitch with your coworkers about them. I swear it was like a scorned women defending her lover. I could not believe this happened to me. I haven't filed my complaint in yet, but I will. I did recieve a follow up call from the RN and she said she'd see about getting my ultrasound scheduled soon. That I will be notified in the next two weeks unless my doctor doesn't feel the need for it yet.


  1. Two Shuttles,
    You might have hit the nail on the head over why she got so bent over your comment on the "whishy wash doctor". However you are right they are spose to be professical. I don't blame you for only wanting to see your normal doctor! I will keep you in my prayers with hope that all goes well for you, your family & baby/babies on the way.

  2. LOL. BSOTF and I have the same idea. She may be his wife or just "lusting from afar".
    I work in health care and there are times you do have to vent. (There is nothing like working with the general public!) But, if I can't keep my composure, I will ask someone else to take over/swap with me.
    I am so very sorry. It is hard to be preggers and deal with garbage like that. I am glad you like your usual guy. Hang in there.