Friday, June 11, 2010

Spins, frogs, and watermelon

Yesterday was one of the most horrible days I've had with this pregnancy. The nausea was so exhausting, I felt like I was on one of those carnival rides that spin you in a circle  like crazy. Toss in a  few migraine symptoms (sensitivity to light, sound,smell,movement) and there's the rundown of my day. I tried to eat, but that was a challenge in itself. The winner in the food category is...watermelon. That was the one thing that didn't have me feeling like it was only visiting. So this morning I didn't take my prenatal pill upon waking. I'm feeling loads better. The nausea is still there, in the background, but it's ignorable with slower movements and tons of water. Someone suggested I get one of those Seabands, a bracelet for fighting off sea sickness. Worth looking into at least.

I did manage some tatting yesterday, although I spent the majority of the time reading other's blogs and such. I started a ring by Jane Eborall. Note I said started. It looks like a bit like a frog to my twisted eyes right now. The color of the beads I chosen could have been better I think. They obscure the color of the thread, which is a lovely shade of turquoise. Plus the pictures blurry because my hands are still a bit shaky after yesterday's fiasco. I wanted something small to do so I would be sure to finish it this time.
I only have the outer section left and hiding ends, so I would assume it would be done by Saturday. Maybe.
DH is going to go get our new above ground pool. It's pretty big, my backyard isn't. But I gave in and bought it so I could get my exercise. We do have an aquatic center but it's half a mile away. I know it's not that far. But I didn't want to chance being sick in public. Now I'm 5'2 the pool is 4 feet deep, so I will have plenty of room to float away if I wanted to, and not actually have to swim to keep afloat. If I feel sick, I can lean over the side. Gross, I know, but true. I do have to look for the canopy I know I have somewhere that will according to the dimensions, will fit nicely around it. Everyone here is excited about the pool. I live in the valley in California, it reaches past 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Since the backyard needed much weeding, I simply stated that the pool would not be assembled until the entire backyard was done. It was completely cleaned, mowed, and weeded in 3 hours. Wow, that's motivation for you. LOL...


  1. Olá! amiga adorei todinho ficou muito lindo, À aqui um tempinho atras que segui o seu blog esperando por sua visita, mas não obtive resposta alguma, caso que queira que continue a ser sua seguidora, dei-me um toco, ou para ficar ou para me retirar , obrigada, Rosa

  2. Hope you get past the morning sickness soon. LOL at the motivation for the swimming pool! You go, girl!