Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Square knots

Progress..I kept working on the squares, deciding to just do 5 instead of the 7 the pattern calls for. Then I get distracted by my darling son, and make a mistake. So I snip it off and begin again. I found that the bamboo thread was spliting with continous handling so I divided it up.
It was pretty thin, slightly smaller than your regular size 80 thread. I won't finish it like this, I just wanted to see how it would turn out. Otherwise, I would be at this well into after the baby (s) arrive. I did like the feel of the single ply, it was very soft to the touch. The only bad thing I've found about tatted items is that because of the nature of the knot, it's rough to the touch for me. There's really no way of avoiding that. The bamboo thead split kept that nice touchy feel to it. I had to remember to keep an eye on my tension, I kept pulling too roughly and the thread kept snapping. I might split the six ply into three and use the Thread Heaven conditioner on it to help keep it from fraying. I honestly did not like the way the size 10 thread pieces were turning out. Too heavy.


  1. I haven't tatted with bamboo. I have knit with it, and I had trouble with it splitting as I knit.

    My mom weaves with bamboo, but she always mixes it with another fiber because it's not very strong. Mom also said that bamboo should be treated as rayon, and then you should have no problems. Warning: it will shrink! (words of wisdom from Mom, who is visiting from Alabama)

  2. Thanks for all the info Diane. I hadn't thought to blend it with another thread. I thought it might shrink because (comment deleted because it came across obscene..lol). I noticed it got smaller as it got wet...