Wednesday, June 9, 2010

UFO in the making

I was planning on making a collar for the Intatter's next summer challenge. It looked simple enough to do, nothing too hard to figure out. I began with size 30 white thread. Then decided to add a little bit of color. So I hand twisted some light mint green Gutermann thread that I had yet to use on anything. I made two discoveries..
1. Just because it says quilting thread on the spool doesn't mean it won't easily snap.
2. Trying to find a match between how many plys you're going to need and what you actually get is debatable

Two plys of this thread was too thin in comparison to the 30. Three plys was a bit too much but too less compared to the size 20. Also, it doesn't like to be twisted too much. Now if it decides to do it on it's own violation, well that's a different story. But when you want it to go, it fights you like a stubborn mule. I also found that this type of thread prefers to obey when it's loaded on a post shuttle rather than a bobbin. So I had to empty a couple of SewMates to get it going.

Lighting could be better, but that camera of mine is still MIA. The round medallion to the left is going to be stretched into a oval by the time all the tatting is done. At least, that's how it appears on the picture. I also found that I do not enjoy making rosettes. I found it incredibely mind-numbing. The repetition of the chain work involved let me know early on this project will most likely be a UFO. There's only 8 of the rosettes that need to be made early on. I already want to call it quits. So I went back to the curtains. After adding a row all the way around, I set that aside as well.
I did give my new PopABobbin shuttle a test drive though. I found that of all my shuttles this is probably going to be my favorite one. I love the feel of wood, the smoothness of the thread release, yes, I'm definately going to have to look into getting another soon. Not too soon, guilt is a nasty thing sometimes, but in the coming months. I wonder if they can carve my name into one? That's something to look into.
Off topic here for a moment: I just noticed that my prenatal pills make me sick. Nausea aside, I noticed that on days that I take those close to bedtime rather than waking, I feel a little bit better. I'm able to eat more often, real food mind you, not crackers and the occasional salad with no dressing, I'm talking protein baby. When I take those I can't eat anything for hours on end. The food won't digest or stay down. And if it isn't as close to raw off the farm, so to speak, I can't eat it. So that limits what I can eat to just fruits and vegtables. The downside to taking them in the evening is that I can't sleep. I toss and I turn all night and am going between thrist and trips to the bathroom. I've talked to my doctor about this, and he says to keep taking them, I need the vitamins right now. But we'll discuss alternatives at my next appointment in two weeks. I didn't know there was an alternative to prenatal pills.

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  1. I prefer to think of that kind of UFO as a teaching sample piece rather than an unfinished project. I can say, "I have some starter samples of some of the kind of things you can do with tatting," or "Here are some samples I've worked up that let you see some of the thread possibilities." I think they call this reframing. Whatever it is called, it works for me. I have very few UFOs, but I have an extensive collection of 'sample' pieces. VBG

    Hope you feel better soon.