Saturday, July 3, 2010

DeJa Vu

I've had that all day today. Funny thing is my mind seems bent on carrying on the deja vu even if in reality, it changes. I'm wasting tatting time daydreaming. A short 3 hour work day felt like a 9 hour day. One of my favorite coworker/buddy had to keep poking me awake. LOL..
I was going to devote today to cross stitching my son's portrait, but before I knew it I was asleep! I didn't even remember laying down for the nap. Then as a wake comes that deja vu feeling again. *shakes head*

After a quick blogger check on people today I go looking for blue thread. I have none. OH NO! I don't have any blue dye left either. I do have verigrated blue embrodiery thread, but it goes from very dark to light too soon. If the changes were further apart, I would just use that. I may in the end, its just that I'm lalagagging. I have alot of size 30 in white so I'm gonna work on the stars for the pattern first and then split the thread. If I'm going to go shifty on the colors, I may as well do the same for the red.

Decision made...time to turn off Hulu, and pick up those shuttles...

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