Friday, July 23, 2010

Distracted again..

I was contacted by the interested party and they didn't want to wait or want it done it white. *shrugs* I tat for free so it's not like I'm losing out on anything. I actually gained time. I did however begin to make it since I get bored easily...
I love how I don't have to think when I tat this. It's in my muscle memory already. I may just keep going until the thread runs out on my shuttles and go do something else. I'm limiting myself on the baby throw to only an hour a day so I don't lose interest. I'll have my husband pick one of the folders of tatting at random and make something from it. I'm also going to have to get some cording thread for the Chinese Knots. I tried to stiffen what I've made already and it turned out nasty bad. Maybe I'll get fancy with it and do it in metal. How's that for ambitious? Something small so I can tat it in metal too...oooh sounds


  1. Soooo pretty.
    Muscle memory, you say...amazing!
    It looks quite perfect to me!!

  2. I would wait, and I love the white! : )

    Isn't it fun to have something in muscle memory?

  3. Distactions or not it's still very lovely.