Thursday, July 1, 2010


Just got home from another visit with the in-laws. I sit on the bed with my right leg asleep. I'm tempted to move it awake but don't want to feel that slightly painful bubble popping sensation. My DH and mother are discussing soccer. My side of the family is of latin descent. Soccer is a major thing with the 'older and more active' members, obviously not
I didn't take anything with me to the inlaws as the visit was sporatic. I had 1 change of clothes that I washed everyday for a week (almost) so now my once bright black pants are now dingy faded looking black. I hate their washer. After the second day my mind was slowly dying. I had nothing to entertain myself with. NOTHING. I kept the living room t.v. on either the Discovery or The Learning Channel or the History channel. His younger siblings were non-existant since obviously I was boring them..LOL..
I was so wishing I had taken my shuttles. Or even my needles for cross stitching. Oh well. I come home to find disaster. My house stinks! Everywhere I look there's a mess. My daughter is in my room and it looks like a tornado hit it. I was pissed. DH says I'm exaggerating, it isn't as bad as I think it is. That my hormones are over-embellishing everything. I've reached that point in my pregnancy. The irrational extremes part. I had this same problem with my son but not with my daughter. After a small fraustrated crying stint, I'm back to normal. My room is still a mess but I don't have the energy to clean.
I pick up my latest tatting project and find my shuttles are sticky. After gently cleaning them, I look at the work attached. I try to do a SCMR only to have one of the stitches flip and turn itself into a lock join. I try to gently unflip it, but the thread snaps. Much like my temper. I try and find the completed square, but can't locate it. I start to clean but give up, it feels overwhelming. I go to reload the pair of shuttles to start another square, but can't find the bamboo thread I spent so much time retwisting. I look for another skein to re-do the twisting. I had 4 skeins. I found one. It was dirty, sticky. I start cutting. I lose half the skein. Now I'm too tired to even start on it.
I feel like I've been running around all day. In reality I haven't done much of anything. The most stressful thing I did today was pick up pizza. Summertime hybernation sounds so good right now. I think I'm just gonna read up on what I've missed this past week in bloggerland. My mind can't handle more than that right now.


  1. I'm so sorry. I sometimes tell my family I'm tempted to move to an isolated spot in the mountains to live alone. Of course, I want all the amenities including internet access and a cell phone, but I'll only turn them on when I wish to interact with the rest of the world. Shall I reserve you a spot up there, too. Not too close, of course. ;)

    I hope your day improves tremendously.

  2. *hug* sounds like a suck-tastic time all around. Good luck that everything improves after a good night's sleep.