Friday, July 30, 2010


Warning I'm complaining again...

I don't understand why it is so hard to type in that I'm on bedrest for an undisclosed amount of time. I had to fill out an insane amount of paperwork for both my work and the State disability program because I can't work. I recieved notice today that I no longer qualify for disability since I am no longer disabled...What? I spent 2 hours being hung up on and placed on hold for over 30 minutes to get ahold of someone with  the disability department. I apparently have to send an extension verification signed by my doc because I marked I was no longer disabled on my form. I contested it since I always make copies of documents that have to be sent via mail. I asked for the fax number to send my copy. They said it was irrelevant since the paperwork has already processed. GRRRRR..this error is on their side because I have proof that I did NOT mark the box they claim I did. In the end I will be sent the correct form and have to return it within 7 days to continue getting benefits or I have to re-do all the paperwork again. I won't see my doc for 2 weeks. That is not sufficient time to get these new papers signed. To add insult to injury, they notified my work I was no longer disabled. I recieved a called a few hours later that I've been placed back on the schedule and if I do not show up for my scheduled shifts I will be terminated. Apparently my leave of abscence was denied because of the information they got from the disabilty office, never mind that my doc filled out the paperwork stating an undisclosed amount of time up to the entire duration of my pregnancy. My work however is more understanding and will have the papers needed to reinstate my leave ready for my husband to pick up on his way home from work.

I was starting to relax and feel those imaginary knots finally loosen in my body from work stress. Now I have more from the error of human nature. I know I shouldn't get too worked up over this, but it's hard. I have never been one to not contribute since I began working decades ago. Those checks helped me feel useful even when I am forced to do nothing. I can't clean up my house, do any of the laundry, make even my own's a horrible feeling to feel so impotent. And then to have the means of supporting my family taken away like that and the party responsible so mule-headed as to not bother to listen....I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now.
I'm going to pick up my shuttles and see if they make me feel better. It usally does.


  1. Ok, relax & breath. Now knowing you keep track of the papers, did you keep track of the worker's name you did get to talk to on the phone? When something like this happens, say," that's ok, I want to talk to your supervisor please!"
    Keep your ground on such things. For like you said, you have proof that you didn't sign it as they are saying. Trust me, everyone of them have to answer to someone above them.
    Now you can't do anything until Monday. So you are going to think about possitive things right now. Drink some tea if you like. It will also help you to relax. Take a breath & let it out slowly too. Cause you & baby need it more than anything right now. Ok? It's the weekend so focus on enjoying it. Need a laugh think about how your brother checks out tatting shuttles. That should make you laugh. Plus know we are here for you too.

  2. QUOTE
    I have never been one to not contribute since I began working decades ago.
    You ARE contributing! You are contributing towards the well-being of Baby and of yourself and of the rest of your family. So, just relax, tat if you want or sleep if you want, or have everyone wait on you hand-and-foot. Be the royal Queen of the Two Shuttles!
    In 162 days, your precious contribution will add immense value to your entire family, and all these days will be worth the while.
    Stay healthy, stay happy!

  3. It'll all work out. Good for you for having those copies ready! I wish they gave government workers more training,especially in dealing with their customers. Besides being underpaid and overworked and jaded about the people they deal with, they often don't understand the life-changing nature of their mistakes.

    Looking forward to your next tat!