Monday, July 5, 2010

I didn't get too far into that celtic motif before I had to set it aside. I got called in early so didn't have enough time to finish. But I did like the fact of the red variations from bright to dark was much more subtle than with the blue. I didn't split the thread before tatting with it. The entire skein was slightly thicker than size 10. I ended up using some 'toss away' shuttles that my brother carved out of left over wood from his wood shop class. I don't like this particular shuttle because of the fact it's awkard in my hand, but perfect for the larger thread. The blue, as you can tell went from dark to almost white way too quickly. Also there's more of the almost white than the darker blue. I plan to go back to it later on this month. It's really a fun design and doesn't really take up too much time to make. My mistake was waiting to the second to the last minute to start it.


  1. I think it is wonderful work. You should keep that shuttle cause you can say it was one your brother made just for you. Smile! Enjoy the blessings today has for you & keep on tatting.

  2. There are times you need/want to use larger thread & having a shuttle that can handle them; even if it is a little awkward; is priceless. So, going to show us this shuttle, too?

    I like the look of the motif so far; I'm waiting to see how the finished result turns out.