Monday, July 19, 2010

I have purpose for now

I have finally reached a moment of absolute certainty. I began my baby throw project with only the thought of doing a square motif and making it large enough to be a throw. I've searched through all my different tatting books/magazines and downloaded patterns, finally settling on the runner motif from Craftown. After doing a few motifs and joining them, I found I didn't really care for how it was turning out. After checking with Intatters, a fellow tatter posted a link to a website that had a simple mask they were planning on making. I browsed the site and finally found the square pattern I was seeking. Okay not actively, but when I saw it I just had to make it.
The website is called  I'm currently working on the second square and I believe this will be the one to get finished. Although the pattern from Craftown was nice, it just seemed to time-consuming to me. Although tatting is a craft in patience, I just didn't feel it for that pattern. At least not long enough to finish anything substantial. The above motif is being worked with the size 30 white thread I picked up at Walmart, but I do plan on doing it with the bamboo thread once I can get the okay to get off bedrest or even partial bedrest, or can get DH to pick some up. The former would probably happen before the latter, since I do have a nice big ball of thread here to work with already.  The pattern kind of reminds me of Ruth Perry's Hugs and Kisses pattern.
I probably could have just made this one but I'm already using the pattern for my curtains so it didn't seem appropriate to use again as a baby throw. I still am working on the merging of Chinese Knots and tatting but I have to practice more with the Pan Chang Knot before I can move further with that.

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