Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Marriage of thread crafts

I don't have an actual pattern for this. Also the photo clarity is from my outdated phone..time to upgrade to that 5MP HTC phone...
First step of course was to make the 'Chinese Knotting' portion of it. The video is from Tying It Together and he calls it the River Knot. I've tried to add the link to his YouTube page, but the link add on button isn't working right now. I will try to add it in another post.
I did not keep count on the stitching for the chain. I just kept tatting until I found the chain long enough to manipulate. I ended up having lot of it left over and I simply cut off the excess. Although upon reflection, I probably could have kept it and made a second more traditional chinese knot with it.
Next step was to find something to tat that would compliment it. I decided on using a vintage square motif that has been published by so many different people under different names. This is the center of it. I split chained a portion of it to save of cutting and tieing.

Now here I've decided to place the tatted motif in the center with some of the extra chain surrounding it. I joined the 'core' thread of the tatted chains to the central motif because I plan to add more tatting to the outside of that chain. I've done more to it than the above picture. I did join to the center of the 'knotting' and on the other side, which gave the look of that hoop on top being on the sides as well. Sort of. I thought I'd save that picture for another post where I can show more development. So currently the work size is giving the look of some dangly earrings or something. It's being worked in size 80 thread. I will try to send DH to the store to get me some 30 size thread to work with. Then perhaps it would be more pendant than earring
On the baby throw front, I've done four more of those squares and joined them. I don't like how it's turning out. It's looking crowded and I wanted a more open look to it. It's supposed to be a throw not an actual blanket. I'm having to stop working on that as I've run out of bamboo thread. It's one thing to have a bunch of balls of thread laying all over my bedroom, quite another to have my 'scatterness' everywhere at the inlaws. Plus with less thread options I actually have the urge to finish what I'm starting.