Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not again!

It's the case of the misplaced shuttles..

Yesterday, against my better judgement and the incredible 105 degree heat, we went to the bank to take care of  a few things. I know I had my shuttles before I left the house, I can't remember if I had them when I got in the car. I searched but couldn't find the shuttles. I retraced my steps as far as my short term memory would take me. Still no shuttles. If they were a pair of my plastic Clovers, I wouldn't think twice about them. Those are easily replaceable here locally. But had to be one of my new Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles and the Susan Bates shuttle I got from Fox some months ago. Now there's something to be said about a favorite shuttle or even a well balanced one. It gets used alot. Well after driving my poor husband crazy by sending him back to the bank to see if I may have left it there, and searching ALL over this house, I gave up. This morning after contemplating how long it would be before I can get my paws on another set of those Pop-A-Bobbins, I get a text from my brother.

Him: Hey are you missing some of your toys?
Me: Yeah, did V*** tell you?
Me: How did you know?
Him: Well could you not leave them laying around in my mom's car? I just got my A** stabbed by one
Me: Send me a pic
Him: Of my a**?
Me: Of the shuttles dork

Sure enough there they were. Slightly safe and sound. My brother's behind somehow bend the tip of the hook on the Pop-A-Bobbin. I think there's more to the story, but I'm glad they got found. He's currently holding them hostage safe for me until I feel well enough to get them or can manage to get my honey to go get them. In my searching of the car, I forgot we got picked up by my mom. I don't know why, I just didn't remember she ran us around town. No where in my memory is she present. *shakes head* My husband said not to worry that the doc said it happens to pregnate females all the time and it should go away after the baby's born. Of course, I don't remember him saying that, but it must be baby board has a complete forum of stories of this type of behavior.


  1. Yes, your memmory will be fine after your baby is born. However now your brother can say he got the point of shuttles for tatting..LOL! I'm glad that you found your's. Hopefully the point isn't bent too much from your brother's backside getting in it's way. Did he take the shuttle to the doctor to be checked out for injuries?? Just joking there too. Thanks to cell phones & pictures.

  2. Glad the missing shuttles were found.

    Thank you for the laugh.