Friday, July 2, 2010

Patriotism ..kinda, sorta

I'm one of those unfortunates that have to work on the 4th of July. So I decided to make this as a pin to wear to work on that day.
I made the mistake of not writting down the designer full info. All I have is that the person's first name is Sheila and her webpage was called Heartstrings. I tried to google it but got no results. Then I tried a wider search, no go. It may have been on the now closed AOL website. I've made this before in years now long past, and they've always been a hit. This year I'm only making for myself. Selfish, I know but I don't particularly care. LOL.. The only thing I have to make sure I have is the same sized thread in blue. Red is no problem and of course I have white in multi-sizes.
I still haven't re-wound the bamboo thread. Today was a full day at work and it left me physically exhausted. I have to invest in one of those Belly Bands they have for us preggo people. I'm not having back pains, I'm having issues with the weight I'm carrying in front. I had a pooch (sp?no not the little to start with, but for some reason, although not much than an inch wider, I feel like I'm carrying around a bowling ball now. It's downright painful to sit after being on my feet for hours. I usually lay down in our lounge during my lunch break and snack on grapes or nuts.
Back on topic...I was thinking of doing some square batches in size 30 just to see how it compares to the bamboo. Okay, what I'm really doing is looking for excuses to NOT unwind that bamboo thread. Too bad suppliers don't carry the bamboo thread in sizes other than 10. I would so stock up on it like I was going to be dumped on a deserted island for 5 years. But I suppose one person's desire isn't enough of a demand to justify all the work involved in doing that. Too bad. If I continue with the bamboo, I will definately have to go buy more skeins of that, otherwise the only part of the baby being covered will be either the hands or feet. So in the end, I guess I'll be hand winding. I have most of the week off due to cut backs at work and my own self-imposed requests, so the time presents itself to get it done.


  1. Pretty red white and blue! Happy July 4th!
    Fox : )

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you have to work. It's going to be raining here on the 4th (tomorrow). I really think your pin is wonderfully done.
    I hope you take it easy so you & baby have a good day. It's not fun when you carry all the baby in front. I will be praying for you, baby & the rest of your family.

  3. thank you BSOTF, your comments do my heart good. I wish we had rain, it's too hot in California right now.

    thank you Fox, have a 'fruitful' day as been on a watermelon splurge and had to be corny