Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pleasures kept simple

We figured out the wireless code and DH fetched my laptop so now I don't feel like I'm in limbo and can finally work, er, play. Just about all my tatting patterns are on this here laptop so now it's like having re-discovered joy. Yes I have them backed up on an external, but without a computer, the external is useless.
I did spend a few hours emptying out a pair of shuttles and having transfered the largest amount of thread to them. It's size 80 DMC white. I tried to make one of the squares but my hand tension isn't accustomed to fine thread anymore. So I went through another of my craft files and decided to combine Chinese Knotting with my tatting. I'm tatting a long chain to use as my 'rope' for the knotting, then I will continue to finish with tatting 'embracing' it. The file is actually a video file I downloaded from YouTube and while the artist isn't saying it Chinese knotting, just knotting, I thought it was a wide enough base to attach any type of tatting to.  Once I have the base done I will upload pictures showing development.
I don't want it to be jewelry-ish but I can't think of anything else I can turn it into right now.

In any case, I leave you now to begin on this.


  1. Interested to see what you are talking about here, so will watch for your photo!

    Glad your computer woes are gone.
    Fox : )

  2. It is good news to hear that you have the wireless working. I know what you mean about not having contact with others or your patterns on your black box. But most of all now you have both & can get some of the tatting done you want to do. Which is good since you are on bed rest. To be able to do something that you enjoy is very importan at times like this. I'm very thrilled for you.