Friday, July 16, 2010

Trips and tripping

I went in for a quick once over from my doctor today. Everything is looking fine, bedrest continues for the time being and bloodwork is scheduled for Monday. We did make a stop at our local Walmart superstore. I rode on one of those electrical shopping scooters, and soon my son wanted to 'ride with mommy'. I pretty much spent my last paycheck for the time being there..sad.
However I did make off with some goodies. I got another ball of white size 30 thread and two containers of glass beads. One was some black seed beads and the other was a multi-assortment of metalic glass beads. As soon as I saw them ideas just started poping in and out of my head with the combinations of the black and silver on the white thread. I could help myself.I also bought a small package of hair barretts, just in case I was feeling especially frisky with my tatting. I thought of making a snood for my hair. I could have used combs but I'm lazy and I thought the hair clipies would be easier to attach to. They do come with pre-drilled holes on each end.
This is the current progress on the merging of the threads. I had a pattern in mind, this is not it. Somewhere in between tatting and trying to find that cellphone I wanted and dinner, I got lost. My mind completely forgot what it was I was making. Mentally the picture is so fuzzy it fizzles..if that makes sense. I also left the split chain too loose and now it folds into itself. I had lots of rings and was only planning on having the chains as bridgework. I suppose I could start over and have the center of the piece be another type of chinese knotting. It may end up looking better. The problem with this is that it's too busy. The knotting is simple and straight foward and elegant. The tatting is looking too complex to really compliment the piece. So this is going in the "hmmm, where is that idea again" box. I think it may be easier to make several Chinese knots then see how tatting would look good attached.

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