Monday, July 12, 2010

Updates and abscences

I'm sorry if some of my following words are graphic. I don't mean to gross anyone out, I just need to let my anxiety out and typing seems to help.

I'm on official bedrest for an undetermined amount of time. Must be quite a bit, my doc put me on disability today. We had a scare last Wednesday, where I thought we lost the baby, there was so much blood... Turns out that the baby was starting to get seperated but a blood clot formed and that's where the blood came from. They did alot of ultrasounds (I wasn't allowed to see anything, just in case it was bad) and we got some comforting words in both directions of the possible outcomes. Luckily our baby is still hanging on with a very strong heartbeat, and my HGC's (hormone output levels) are high. Good signs.
I had to go back the next day because of the large amount of blood again. The OB we got on this visit was so much more comforting to my husband and I because he also went through the same thing and shared his story with his. He has a beautiful 3 year old. He gave us hope. My husband has been so supportive that I've tried my hardest not to show how scared and stressed I've been. We decided to stay with the in-laws for a few weeks, simply because he started a second job to make up the financials we will be losing with me not able to work. The inlaws are great, but it's very boring here for me. I can't have my laptop because without the internet, well there's no point to it.
DH has been making runs to our house to make sure all is well there and that my daughter and brother haven't killed one another. LOL.. She adds to my stress, so I asked my brother to house and teenage-sit for me. I have 3 sets of shuttles with different threads on all of them and a ball of pearl thread I would never tat with. Gotta love him for trying. My younger bro in law will be coming home soon and will want his laptop back. So I will periodically update until we can figure out what the security code for the wireless router is, or we get and ethernet wire long enough for me to hook up to and still be in bed with.


  1. I'm sorry you're going through such a stressful time. I hope the doctors are able to keep you and your baby safe and strong. Hugs from Illinois!

  2. Take care of yourself and the little one. Sounds like you have lots of loving support, too, which is such a bonus.

  3. Hang in there. Wishing you well!