Thursday, August 5, 2010

Can you feel the breeze?

I was once again going through my files concerning Tatbit's patterns and found 3 different fans I can make. My favorite of course is the Fantasia fan, but there are those 2 others I've never even attempted. Since I do have at least one that I know I am going to make, I went about deciding on the colors to use. I have a lovely light aquamarine color  I dyed that I was thinking of using for the flowers in the pattern, but then thought perhaps the butterflies in it should be the more colorful part. I don't have too many balls of Lizabeth thread but I do have the 'Jewels' color which has red/white/blue/purple combinations on it. I thought that would be perfect for the butterflies. The only downside is that it's size 40. The only other thread I have in that size is Lizabeth balls and they are all variegated. I was thinking perhaps the flowers in white size 30 may be close enough in sizing to not be too noticable.

I still have a month to get the projects done for my fair, so time isn't really too much of an issue when there's already a pattern to work from. Time is my friend right now, not my annoying neighbor. I did break out and went to using those clay shuttles I got from Heather . My coffee break one is perfect for holding the size 40 thread. Since I can't have the real thing I'll substitute where I can. This is really good since the butterflies are being done in one round with the expection of the outermost and the one on the 'handle' portion. Now I don't have to worry about left over thread on my shuttles.

I'd thought I'd show how the 'Fiesta mask', aka Totusmel's mask in Mexican colors are turning out. I'm using the TootyFruity Lizabeth on this one. This ball is actually size 20. It actually reminds me more of a watermelon, but hey I love

 It was suggested that instead of two alcoholic drinks, I use just the margarita glass and tat a soccer ball. After thinking it over, I agree. This way we have all the fun stuff associated being done (not that I'm much of a soccer fan..Gasp!), and hopefully it will be original enough to stand out from everyone else's entries. There's also a USA theme, but there's always too many entries to that, that I don't think my tatting would stand out.
Onward we go my little butterflies..........*flutter, flutter, fly*

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