Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cheese fries

My son is currently trying to feed me Chester's Chili Cheese fries (Cheetos). I loved these before the current baby made it's presence know, but now they give me heartburn just thinking of eating them. He's doing everything in his power to get me to eat. Doing the 'airplane' food dip, saying "eat moms eat", pulling my face to him and showing me  he ate one then picking up another and going..'yummmm, yummy,yummy'. It's too cute.
I was compairing camera quailty between the different picture taking gizmos I have. I still haven't bought me a replacement camera and daughter lost the old one. My phone has a 3 megapixel camera but the delay from when I push to take the picture to when it's actually taken usually ends up blurring the picture. I have my husbands phone which has a 5 megapixel camera but it only looks good on outside shots. Then there's the Nintendo DSi gamesystem (gameboy). The picture from the previous post was taken with that, and so far it's given me the best shots. The only problem is fighting with my son for the gameboy. He usually wins.

I started using the snippets of yellow thread to make some of the smaller rosettes for the doily. I need 16 total for this. I'm confident that I won't be wasting those 'cuts' of thread. I began with the longer of them, and got one and a half rosette out of it.
Oh it's lunch after a healthy indulgance of not so healthy hamburgers and fries (Wendy's) I'll go back to the tatting front. Maybe sneak the DSi from the son to take

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  1. Your little doctor is getting it down pat. Well, he knows he wants mommy better so she can get out of bed. Plus he's going to be great help when the baby comes. Cause he'll have it down on how to get the baby to eat.
    I'm thrilled to hear that you are able to use his cut threads for your doily.
    By the time your baby gets here, you will have alot of good from the heart stories to share with both your little man & your baby when they get older on how your little man took great care of you during this time. It's priceless!!!