Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fair tatting...necklace

Today I woke up in a blah mood. No reason for it, just blah. I'm trying to pull myself out of the funk but can't seem to manage it. I thought maybe it may be low sugar. I did pretty much cut all sugar out of my diet since being put on bedrest. One Twinkie later, nope not a sugar problem. So now I'm planning on losing myself in my shuttles. I thought and go see which pearls would best fit the necklace and it ended up being some I got from a Christmas exchange last year. To further add to my frustration I can't seem to find any of my sewing needles or even needle threaders..*sigh* Take a deep breath... I'm gonna clean out my 'Toolbox' because I know they must be in there somewhere. Oh here's the necklace so far.
As a choker, it would be at the halfway point. As a necklace it lays half an inch below my collar bone. Assuming I find those needle threaders or needles, this should be done later today. I am going to start simply adding the pearls as I tat from this point on. The blue beads I'm using are too small for the larger blue rings but fit snugly in the smaller blue rings.


  1. Blah,,Ok. So let's see what are the blessings today holds? You have some little dancer close by don't you? You are making a very beautiful necklace. Your husband is a very wonderful man. Your daughter can be heard close by thanks to her choice of music. Your brother is there to help you. You are very blessed in many ways. Oh yah, you have many friends who enjoy your blog & having you for their friend. So slide over we want to sit close by & spend some time tatting with you. Oh you found the beads, needles & wonderful. See I hear you laughing at me for saying that. Did you know when you smile, you think of a funny thought & the blahs are gone.

  2. That is a very pretty necklace! I have the blahs today too... too much heat and humidity for me!

  3. *smiles* Thank you put a smile on my face again. I agree with you LLDiane..I think it may have been the heat giving me the blahs today. I feel better now that the sun has set.