Saturday, August 28, 2010

I was checking out videos on youtube and found a link for Crotat. Now, I just thought this was another version of needle tatting, and to an extent it is. I'm a shuttle tatter at heart but got introduced by the needle. After watching the few videos available, I've come to the conclusion that this particular form of tatting is complicated. The basic concept is of course the same, two stitches become one DS. But it seems like there's unnecessary steps to get from point A to point B. Not to bash on anyone's perferred method of tatting, just my opinion. There's times when needle tatting makes the working to go faster, like when you're doing Celtic style and have to weave in and out of things alot without cutting alot of thread. Again, after the few videos online, why not just do traditional needle, why add that second 'loop pulling' at the other end? I don't understand it. I'm not a crochet person, so I think that this second loop pulling maybe something that carried over from when a crocheter figured out how to tat? Force of habit? After thinking it over I realized my mistake. Tatting needles have 'eyes' on one end. Crochet hooks don't. So that second loop is where the eye would be. Okay, now that my brain has had time to process, it makes sense now.

I went back to work in stages on the El Dorado. I went looking back on previous pictures in my library of it. I noticed two obvious things:
1. I had added beads to the strips on the sides, I didn't do it for this one. Now I'm trying to decide if I should start over with the beads or just keep going with what I've done so far.
2. Joining the two rings together do give it support. Which would in theory reduce the amount of starching it will need.
So you want pictures eh? Okay here's one...
I was doing the joining while watching T.V. and missed the fact that the two top small flowers are supposed to be joined to the center medalliion. My options are to either sew the picots together or snip it off and redo them. I did go looking for gold beads to use and I found a jar of them. They are gold in coloring and not yellow. I want to redo the strips with the beading, mainly  because I plan on framing it after the fair.

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  1. cro-tat is just crocheting made to look like tatting. It's actually been around for decades, but it's crochet, not tatting. In the same way that some tatters have no interest in learning to crochet, some crocheters have no interest in learning to tat. But they like the look of the lace.