Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The mask is finished and now I'm currently trying out the two different patterns of the soccer ball to see which one fits the styrofoam ball better. I think I may try out 5 rings joined then chain the outside to make it hexagon. After cleaning up my computer/tatting area, I found a box of plastic beads that may work out better than the glass ones on that necklace. The shading on the blue and green beads is alot closer to the thread color but I still have to wait to see if they'll go well with the shiny blue beads I'm using.
While cleaning I also found a copy of Catherine Austin's A New Twist on Tatting book. It's a bit worse for wear as it's had various liquids spilled on the cover and the pages are all dog-eared. Too bad because it's a first paperback edition. No tatting done today, mostly just finishing up the ones already done by hiding ends and filling out the entry forms for the fair that have to be in by Friday.


  1. Busy, busy, busy! I hope the newly found beads work for you!

  2. I love that book by Catharine Austin, if nothing else it has beautiful inspiration photos.

    What are you tatting for the fair?

  3. LLDiane, I hope they work too.
    Sherry, I'm making
    1.Totusmel's mask with a soccer ball
    2.Cowboy hat with four playing cards
    6.Beaded necklace with a pendant
    7.I had to change one of my entries to a doily.(space restrictions)