Monday, August 9, 2010

My eyes decieve me

As I continued to work on this fan I realized that the seemingly minor difference in thread size make a difference afterall. The white is 30 the colors are 40. I will have to definitely have to press this when it's finished.The small white flowers are being bunched up, distorting the fan.

 At the bottom where there is more 'hanging' of the two different threads, there isn't much of a difference. I suppose I could try and see if I can tat the white tighter, but I'm afraid I'll be breaking my thread from tension. That'll be very frustrating...I'm already dreading hiding ends.

I didn't work on any of the Western theme today. Mainly because the day was filled with Doc appointments and all the lovely paperwork involved with it. I'm on permanent bed rest until the baby is born. Ultrasound report was not as good as hoped. Baby is still growing healthy though. I was actually looking forward to going back to work. Better safe than sorry right? I finally feel baby moving and boy does the baby like to dance.LOL.. Insomnia is a common symptom of pregnancy...yeah sure. I have become nocturnal. Okay not fair but it sure does seem like it. So I began on the chain...
I don't have any black thread in size 30, so I went back to the white. I also can't use any dye to make some right now, out of supplies on that end. I'm not sure if I'll like the end results so I'm waiting to add beads. No point in going to all the effort if it's for not, right? If this turns out to be a keeper I will have to remake that pendant with pearl beads to match. They are not glass but plastic. I do still have those gift cards whispering to me but my honey is being very 'No the doc said you have to stay home IN BED.' right now. And he hates going into the craft store. Last time I sent him for something he got fraustrated with me because I had him send me pictures of all the metal wires with his phone before I decided on the gage.  ^_^  He did not want to repeat that experience. I know in the end I'll get my way..just have to be patient and time it right...*plotting* Back to that chain. If I should happen to have to use the plastic beads I do have some in a torqouise to fit into the larger rings, but none to fix the small blue rings. I'll have to think of something. I also have to see and count how many total rings small verses large I have to see if I can afford to go crystal on it. Hence waiting to add beads. I've never sewn them on afterwards but I'm sure there has to be videos or weblinks with instructions somewhere out there in cyberworld.


  1. How large is your fan? I would think that thread size would make less difference on smaller pieces, but could be a problem with larger ones. I hope you're able to press it in to shape!

  2. Girl, bedrest might not be a picnic right now. But we do have to do this not just for ourselves, the baby too. Dancing is good for the baby to do, might not tickle on your sides. Otherwise the doctor wouldn't have told you this is a must. Your husband is right about his stand cause he loves both of you.
    As for going to the craft store..well, let's face's not always what guys like to do. But I'm sure he will help you get what you are looking for & need.
    Your fan is looking very nice. Plus females in the west used them as well as females from town in the days. I'm so happy that you are keeping busy tatting even if in bed.
    So how much longer is it until baby is born? Yah, I'll still be here to cheer you on through this testing period of your nerves. Smile at least you are tatting in your own bed in your lovely home & not in let's say the hospital bed someplace. They aren't comfortable. So take a breath & breath. Now let's get back to tatting, you do your's & I'll do mine together we'll get what we are making done.

  3. I love the color choice for your fan! It's beautiful! :)

  4.'s being made with size 30 white and 40 right now it's roughly 4 inches at the widest spot. I try pressing the small bit I've done and so far it seems to be working..
    BSOTF..I'm trying to get another 'helper' to run errands for me. I tried my daughter but she disappears for most of the day when she gets money in her never thought of the fact they did use the fans in the west in the older days. Thank you so much for bringing that up..I know have a new display idea for the tatting.