Sunday, August 1, 2010

No new tatting to show, not even a continuation of one. I did go and spend the day yesterday at a pizza/gaming place. Mostly so I could wear my son out. Even though I was sitting during this trip I was worn out and ready for a nap myself two hours later, we spent almost 5 hours there. I did blow off steam and feel much better even if my body says
I was looking through my many files of tatted animals to make for the county fair and decided on which frog, and dog to make. I am debating on the cat, I am wanting to re-do the 3d kitty modified from Jane Eborall's pattern, in the size 10 thread. But then I will have to find the right size styrofoam ball. As for the cow, Sherry had posted a cow from a tatting book she made for her fair and I'm thinking of ordering that book and doing it as well. It is a very good representation of a cow, the best I've seen so far.
I was online searching for pictures of the beer can I'm gonna have to design and tat as well as a margarita glass, but I did start on making that mask of Totusmel. I tried with some Lizabeth thread but the colors were too bright to work.Then I started again with a different batch of Lizabeth in a more subdued shade of the required colors, and I think it gives it a antiquish look. Okay I really want to say washed or worn out, but hey after a good night of partying isn't that how you feel? All of this week will consist of nothing but tatting. Then next week I think I'll go back and work on that cross stitch pattern of my son I began last month.
We did start a trial version on Netflix for the Xbox, but my husband had them send a disk so we can get it on the Wii. I guess he didn't want to give up his game nights so I can be entertained. I can watch it on my computer but I told myself the less distractions the better. So far the movie choices are not what I'd be interested in but they do have a larger variety on the disks the mail, so we'll see how it goes.

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  1. Glad to hear that your son had so much fun & that you wore yourself out too. Also that you took it easy while you was there.
    Glad to hear that you are getting tatting done. Cross stitch for your son will be something he'll treasure from his mom. Maybe he'll hand it down through his family when he gets older..much older.
    You will work out what you want to make for your fair too. I can't wait to see. But I'm good at sitting quietly to wait to see your choice for your fair.