Monday, August 16, 2010

Patience DOES pay off..

Recieved a call to come in and see the doc today. I found myself waiting for 2 hours to see him. He wanted to go over the ultrasound details with me again, because of how I was confused last visit. Mainly he wanted to make sure I understood that there was no way I'd be going back to work until after the baby was born so not to ask again. But I did get the okay to do some 'light walking' and such. I'm limited to either 30 minutes or when I feel baby starting to get heavy.  I can attend the fair but like I already suspected, I would have to be in a wheelchair for that trip. After retrieving some mail from home, we went about running errands. Half-way through I had to come home and nap. It's so tiring now, even walking that little bit. It may still have alot to do with the heat, I tend to overheat whether I'm inside or outside. I love Popscicle sticks right now. We did have to do back to school shopping for my daughter but that trip was cut half done because of my need to nap. Now, 2 hours later, we're gonna give it another shot, but I'm gonna use one of those scooters you can get to do the shopping. I did get the hubby to agree for a Micheals stop. I mentioned needing more beads to finish my fair projects. He gave a weird look but reluctantly agreed since they do have the shopping scooters there. He has to go to work for about 2 hours for some inventory thing. I mentioned I could do my Micheals trip while he was there since it was only across the street and I could easily kill that time in the store. I got another one of 'those looks' but I got my way. I told my daughter she's going to have to find whatever clothes she wants from my work because we can't be making too many trips, and she got a bit upset. She mentioned my 'unnecessary' trip to Micheals, but then I told her without my crafts to keep me busy she'd have to keep me company ALL day. Yeah, no more complaining on her end. LOL. So now to gather up all those gift cards (only 3 but it sounds good doesn't it?) and see how much I have to 'indulge' myself. Once upon a time, indulgences were things like jewelry and trips out of town, funny how now they're trips to the craft store and gourmet popcorn. ^-^
Until I replenish the bead stock, I'll call it a day with the necklace for now. It's 3/4 done so progress is good. Let's see today's Monday so that's supposed to be.. Totusmel's mask and the soccer ball.

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