Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pearls and Gold

Where did yesterday go? Anyone else missing time here?

So here is the stages of the necklace.

This is where I finished adding all the 'smaller' beads. I can't really tell where I sewed them in or where they where tatted in. Somewhere near the bottom middle is all I remember.
And here we have the larger beads being sewn in as well. I ended up using some transparent stretchy cord meant for bracelet making. The wire I had plan on using was too thin to take the strain of being manipulated so much, and kept kinking and snapping on me. I had to be certain I paid attention to the tension of the stretchy cord. Too much and it bunched up too little and it just flopped there.
The one thing I do hate is how tedious it feels to sew. I spent a ridiculous amount of time doing that.(The entire day). Okay no gripping, the results are well worth it. The plastic beads being used were just a little bit too small to sit in that larger ring. So I stabilized it a bit more with two pearl seed beads on each it. I think it helps to bring it all together. I am so glad I found those plastic beads. The weight of it alone is so much more than I expected it to be. I can barely imagine how heavy it would have been if I'd used those glass beads.
Now all that is left is to give it a good wash and lay it out to stiffen.The pendant will most definitely  have to be made over. It is too small to go with the necklace.
On to the next project: The El Dorado doily
In between breaks with the necklace I was trying to figure out what color for the doily. Or what colors to be more precise. I love green but I didn't think it would work out too well with this. I'm staying away from blues since I've had my fill with the necklace. I thought maybe red/black combo but again no black thread in the same sizing as the red. I can't take any trips to my craft store until next week. I do have a rather large collection of variegated embroidery thread I picked up for one of my daughter's projects she never got around to. Then I thought well, El Dorado is synonyms with the City of Gold, so why not use a dark yellow strand and see how it turns out?
This ranges from pale yellow to a dark slightly orange-ishy yellow. Like the shades of gold you'd expect to find in nature. I'm using white Pearl 12 for the outer chaining. The embroidery floss is split into two strands. I do remember that when I made this before it turned out rather large when I made it with similar thread. There was no way it would fit on a scanner bed. So I'm confident it will be the correct size I need it to be when it's done. I was thinking of playing with the spacing on the connecting chains to get the variation of thread to be more 'paired'. The space of the colors is pretty uniform, so it is possible. This doily I know is going to be the one project that will take the most time to get done. So I'm going to have to remember to go back to the others that still need to get finished.


  1. Both of them are very lovely. I'm glad to see that you are getting things done. Plus taking things easy for you & your baby too.

  2. I like the necklace in every stage. I'm not sure I would know when such a project was 'done.' VBG It turned out really well. I'm very impressed that you speak of making adjustments to the doily to get the color to space as you wish. You are going to offer some stiff competition in that fair!

  3. Necklace is a show stopper and worth the time spent sewing on the beads. Big kudos to you for finishing, that sewing would make me crazy!