Thursday, August 12, 2010


Going back to the original plan...*cough,cough*

Since today IS Thursday I went down the list and today's project is Jane's Red Eye Tree Frog. Unfortunately, there are no red bugle beads in my stash. The only ones I have are silver. What the heck, why not try it? Thought I was on a roll then I noticed my OOPS...
I didn't cross my threads right and was heading the wrong way. I didn't want to spend an hour un-tatting the mistake so I cut the thread. After loading up the shuttle again, I try once more. Funny thing while making this is, when I have upbeat music playing in the background, my tatting goes by faster. When it's just the T.V. I tat slow. I suppose the tempo of the music is dictating the moment of my shuttles. I open up my media player and make a random playlist of my DDR collection (Dance Dance's my all time favorite video dance game). And here's what that tempo helped create in record time...
No mistakes this time. ^__^     I'm really happy with this one. Time permitting I may add a lily pad with some metal wire and make it seem like it's jumping off of it. that would be more interesting, no? If there's no extra time, it's still done. I have roughly a week to get the entry form in. Although I'll still have a couple of more weeks to get my submissions completed. So no more la-le-gaging (sp?). Now the question being...What to work on next? I suppose I could do the dog, but I'm not really feeling it right now. What haven't I started yet? There is that soccer ball. It's going to have to be 3D on that one. Time to go look into some hexagon shapes. Or maybe have a go at the margarita glass. I don't want to work on the Fantasia fan or Totusmel's mask. Oh I know! I'll see what everyone's up to and take a quick break. Then I'll go back and work on that soccer ball. Never know who's work is gonna motivate me to get tatting.


  1. He might not have red eyes, but he sure is cute!

  2. What a cute frog and I do love his eyes!

  3. That's SO funny. One of my students at Palmetto got one leg drooping too - due to the lack of a SLT or something!!!! We all decided he was just meant to be that way!!! Congratulations on getting to the end - not the easiest of patterns but no starting or stopping to sew in ends, eh?

  4. Thank you ladies for you kind words..*smiles*
    Jane, one thing I loved was the fact that I DIDN'T have to cut and tie any ends until the very end. Although after 'getting it' on how to switch the

  5. From seeing the first leg & foot to seeing the whole thing done, all I can say is man, that's one frog that has all the rest of the frogs jealous cause she's got the best looking toes around. She's very lovely!