Monday, August 23, 2010

School blues

First off, my apologies for the largeness of the watermarks. I was playing with larger pictures than what showed up after upload. They kind of distract from the point.
Today was a day spent with Tylenol. The high school my daughter is 'required' to attend didn't have any records of her being enrolled. I called explaining I'm on bedrest and cannot physically come down with all the flipping (sorry I hate having to backtrack on stuff already done) documents. I was then placed on hold, then hung up on after about 5 minutes. I kept calling and they kept saying to "Call back in a few minutes, the Registar is busy." Really? On the first day of school the Registar is busy? (sarcasm). After about 3 hours, I finally asked to leave a message to the Principal. Okay, okay, I wanted to be connected with the Principal not leave a message. I got the assistant. I explained that I'm on bedrest meaning that I cannot leave my bed. I have been trying to get my daughter 're-enrolled' since her documents were lost. I left my daughter's name, my name, my phone number. I waited until 4 pm for the call back. Nothing. I call them and they said without the documents they can't enroll her. I ask for a fax number, Sorry they can't accept copies, they must see the originals. Um, what part of bedrest unable to leave my bed did they NOT understand. I ask about sending my daughter down with the documents. Sorry the parent must be present. Yeah, I was so not happy.  I don't understand why people must be so closed minded that they're stuck in the broken record mode they've been dog-trained to. Don't people think or listen anymore? I'm only on temporary disability, my heart goes out to all those who are on it permanently. How fraustrating their life must be. I finally say in a not so nice tone that I am disabled and it is impossible for me to go down there without an ambulance to drive me, where they going to pay that bill so they can have me physically down there? I got transfered again. I know it was mean and petty on my end. When whoever they transfered me to picked up, I had to explain yet again what was going on. When I said the magic words ' disabled ' this person was looking into getting the okay to just have my daughter bring in the papers. I should expect a call back tomorrow. But my daughter shouldn't expect to be attending until next week because they are 'swamped' and are trying to find room for all the students. I mentioned putting her into independant studies, and that's being looked into.
After this day's fiasco, I just didn't have it in me to tat. I didn't even feel like eating. I just wanted to sleep. So I did. I was woken up to eat, and was still upset with this school crap that I had to let it out. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day. No tomorrow will be a better day because I'm not gonna let this bother me anymore.
Okay on tomorrow's agenda...more tatting. I did manage to dye a small lot of thread in yellow. I did this because my husband said the verigrated colors didn't look right. Not for the size project I was making. That the color contrast would be too distracting from the actual doily and it would be hard to make out. My honey has a way with colors, and I do seek out his advice and it's never led me astray. He also said it would look better in black and red. I asked him to close his eyes and tell me the first thing that comes to mind when I say "El Dorado". Gold was his response. Hmmm....has gold ever been red or black? He laughs at me and tells me not to be eating popcorn while I tat this because the grease may stain it. He didn't want to hear me cursing when I realized it and blame him for not saying anything. LOL.


  1. Oh, my! That's quite a day! You could move here... enrollment only takes a couple of minutes, and our district's not nearly so rigid... maybe because we're very small!

    I also think of gold when I hear El Dorado... never black or red. Popcorn and tatting... haven't tried that yet, but I'll keep it in mind!

  2. I pray today will be a better day for you. People don't usually mean to be difficult, they just don't know what to do with things outside the norm. Most of the first people we reach by phone don't have the authority to do anything other than abide by the rules.

    About the popcorn, just ask for a spoon! LOL! Works great to protect the tatting.

  3. I love the way you said, 'What part of 'I am on bed rest; I cannot leave my bed' "...too funny. Like, what else could 'bed rest' possibly mean?? I am hoping that if the people in that office weren't so busy today...they would have caught on immediately...I know mess up when I am over-busy...
    And I really agree with Eliz: when I embroider...I eat popcorn or chocolate covered raisins with: CHOPSTICKS!!! It's fun!!! It also rather forces you to simply...nibble. My sister eats 'Cheetos' that way, when she unsightly orange 'dusty stuff' on her work...perfect...!
    And you WILL have a better day, tomorrow!