Thursday, August 19, 2010

A slight change of plans

I went to take in my entry form and they told me two things.
One: I had to come back tomorrow. I had my days mixed up and they weren't accepting them until tomorrow.
Two: I had to change one of my entries because of space limitations. So I quickly put down doily on the form. When I got home I was 'oh crap which one do I do?'. Then I remembered all the wonderful comments I got on this blog when I was working on the El Dorado. So I'm gonna bite the bullet and do it again. I mean, if it was impressive to my fellow tatters, can you just imagine how it will impact the judges who mostly see either crochet or bobbin lace?

The one entry that got kicked off because of space limitations was the Dog Contest one. No big deal since I hadn't actually made that one yet. LOL.. I was a bit surprised at this. I guess all the dog lover's rallied up and entered their stuff. Last year the cat theme was the most impressive. And the year before that, and the year before that....We love our kitties here.
Now the deadlines to turn the physical entries in...I have 3 weeks to have it all tatted and starched to go. I'm thinking of using the 50/50 solution of glue and water for stiffening. Except for the necklace. I'm stringing the beads with 32 gage metal wire so it will give it enough but not overwhelm. Just enough reinforcement but still leave it flexible. I found an online tutorial that shows how to make a necklace display with foam and the pictures looks promising.
Pictures have to wait until tomorrow..I have alot of tatting now added to my plate with the doily. Phew, I'm gonna need a vacation after this marathon tatting fest.


  1. Slight change in plans is ok. It's good to be flexible in life. I can see why the other tatters loved this one. I can't wait to see the one you do this time for the fair.

  2. I think your Eldorado Doily is to be a sure winner! Good Luck!!!