Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So many things to do

After the rather unanimously answers to my question on the El Dorado, I'm going to start it over with beads in the stripping. The purpose was to draw attention to the doily, a little sparkle really does go a long way. Thank you everyone who left a comment, your opinions to matter to me and really helped me to make the decision.
 I began working on the soccer ball. After many failed attempts, I decided to keep it simple. No fancy chaining or anything. Since the ball is made up of pentagon and hexagon shapes, I kept it simple floral motif. I just changed the number of 'petals' to make the correct points on each motif. The good thing is that after starting the third motif, it naturally curves on itself giving the 'round' shape I need for the ball. I may not even have to stiffen it. Yippe!
We made some stops after running errands, one of the is the obligatory stop to our local Walmart. The kitties needed more food and litter. In the craft section of the store I found a 'new product'. It's a just add water dye kit. It was only $10 and it had both yellow and black dye in it, so I got one. I do have more of the yellow dye I originally used so it's not that I'm afraid of not being able to match the yellow thread. More like my mind saw something that took care of the need to get to finish this project. While there I was looking over the digital cameras and found two that I liked. I didn't get either one because the HONEY got upset. His 'suprise' gift for me was a new camera. Well for my birthday in a month and a half. I'm not overly fond of suprises and he loves to do suprises. LOL..Comprise, let me compromise and let him have his fun.
Yesterday was another trip to the Doc. After going over things, I was given the ok to 'resume my normal day to day things'. I've been taken off bedrest, but still told to take things easy. Especially since being limited to the bed for almost 2 months kind of takes its toll on the body. I do get light-headed and queasy from walking too much. I was give a two week waiting period to go back to work. The Doc didn't seem to want to let me go but gave me the option of it. I miss working. Ironically, shortly (like 10 minutes) after leaving, I realized that maybe I shouldn't have mentioned going back to work. In the retail world, my store is getting set-up for the 4th quater, aka, Christmas season. We are going to be reverted to assembling and setting up displays. I can't do any of that work. There is the possiblity of me working in the office instead of my normal duties, but office work for those 'moved there' is only going to giving 4 to 10 hours a week and it's at minimum wage. Yeah, I might as well stay home, save gas and wear on the car. I rarely feel myself kicking myself in the behind for not thinking things through, but here I am. I was honestly just tired of being tied to the house. I could have just started taking little 'trips out' every other day to relieve the cabin fever. *shakes head at my own stupidity* Now I have to find justifacation or a way to explain that I made a mistake to my Doc and see if he can revoke his release to work note that I'm getting in a couple of day.

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