Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The trip to Micheals was sort of a bust. I'm working with plastic pearl beads, I was hoping to find some more plastic beads in a blue that would compliment the smaller beads and the thread. They had a lot of blue beads but not what I was looking for. I finally found some glass ones, but they still weren't a prefered match. I will have to alternate the three different shades because there isn't enough of just one of them to do the whole necklace. I'm afraid they'll be too much of a difference to work. Not to mention the weight difference between plastic and glass.

Okay now working on the mask.
The only thing remaining is the bottom of one side and wrapping the eye wires. There was only one mistake while making this. At least the mistake was repeated on both sides. That side medallion isn't supposed to be joined to the chain going down. I was trying to do it all CTM to avoid as much ends as possible and my eyes played tricks on me. So far there was only 3 ends to hide. With that last portion it will be four. Not too bad if I do say so myself. I do wish that there was more green to this thread batch than the red. So what do you think, is it festive enough?
I did pick up a bag of multisized styrofoam balls, so now I have a more accurate idea of the sizing needed for the soccer ball. And I also have enough to remake that 3D kitty. Tomorrow I'll finish up the cards for the Western theme. The base for the cards tats up fast the only problem will be making the spades and club sign as I haven't designed those yet. Since there isn't much left to do on this mask, I may as well finish it as well. I'm waiting until all my entries are finished before I stiffen any of them. I also thought I already finished the dog but I didn't cross it off the list so I suppose I didn't do it afterall. I'm not going to waste time looking for something I 'think' I've done since my mind is kinda wonky right now. Wow, I really hate these hot summer days, they drain me in so many ways.

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  1. I must confess that I was a little uncertain about a variegated thread for the mask, but you made a great choice. It DOES look festive and fun. Great job!

    Is the doily in the picture the one you plan to do? I've never seen it before. It is very unique and eyecatching.