Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trouble in playland..sigh

I wished I could attach a picture of the distruction. Here's what happened.
I woke up super early and spent a few hours working on getting that dyed thread onto a thread holder. It was starting to get a little bit tangled and didn't want to deal with it getting worse. It's still super hot here in my section of California, so even with the AC going I fall asleep from the heat. I thought my son was napping with me. Nope. I woke up and find the yellow thread all over me and the bed. Oh look, there's a pair of scissors laying right next to me on the floor...Can you see where this is going?
The thread was in long strips tangeled up. And there's little bits of it laying everywhere. *sigh* He cut it up. I spend some time untangling what was left. It's a good thing the doily is made in sections. I may be able to use some of the longer sections of thread to make up some of the motifs. I'm just going to have alot of ends to hide. I suppose I'm lucky I was using the yellow for rings and not chains. I have a quater of the total thread dyed still on the thread holder untouched. Plus one shuttle full. We'll have to see how it all works out. I think I'm going to have to dye more thread in the end though. Live and learn.

edit: Here's a partial of the mess that was made..


  1. Sad...but adorable...
    He wanted to 'be' you.

  2. Honey,
    He was trying to be helpful & creative. When he gets older, you will look back on this & laugh.
    You are lucky you do have some of it to work with still. Plus you have to do some more thread anyhow. You said you would be able to use some of his precut string too. Which I know isn't fun to deal with. But it is worth saving as much as you can. Then you can tell the story of the making of this doily. I'm very sorry to hear about this happening to you. The next time ask him to help you when you are awake. Figure out something that you both can make together.

  3. I'm not really too upset about this whole fiasco. I was just annoyed at the time. He's going through a 'faze' where I suppose he senses the new baby coming and is all 'I wanna stay glued to mommie'. LOL