Saturday, August 7, 2010

What are you doing? A little ambitious no?

I got distracted again and spent most of this day blogger Long ago through a link in Gina's blog I found a lady who made really pretty boxes. I was thinking of how to display some of the tatting at the fair...yup, I'm going to use her tutorial to make at least one. Something small since I don't have the time to spend too much on this, plus I can't obsess on it and get distracted from my
I've decided to dedicate one day to each project. Starting Sunday...
Sunday...Fantasia fan .....

Monday... The Mexican theme with Totusmel's mask, soccer ball, and margarita glass

Tuesday... The Western theme, cowboy hat, set of four playing cards. I will have to re-stiffen the hat as it was flatten by how I had it stored.

Wendnsday.. The frog.. I decided to use another of Jane's   patterns, this one of the red eyed frog. I do need to get some long beads for this.

Thursday.. The dog..also from Inga Madsen's designs. It should be finished in one day. The pattern is pretty simple and straightfoward.

Friday...Jewelry in the Ankars style of tatting. I'm thinking of doing that pendant in my banner and finishing the Blue Pearl Challenge with beads in the center as the chain.. day of tatting..I was thinking of the black 3D kitty, or whatever else catches my fancy...maybe make that

Now that I have a plan, I know I'll get it all done. I also decided against making the cow since by the time the book arrives in the mail, I'll probably not have enough time to make it. Although Jane does have one in her arsenal of patterns I can use...

On the family front..the bleeding has almost stopped completely, so there's a chance the doc will take me off bedrest this Monday. Well, in 2 weeks from Monday to be exact. He wants that time frame to make sure I won't start bleeding again after a few days on my feet. I may even be able to go back to work within a month. Not that I haven't enjoyed time off..sorta..I'll be happy to go back to a regular routine that includes me leaving this bed for more than bathroom trips and the occasional 'sneaking out' for the day. ^_^

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  1. That's wonderful news on all counts. But even when Doc says you can get out of bed besides for bathroom laps & a sneak out once in awhile.. you still won't be able to run any foot race. So still take it easy for your own sake & baby. I know this isn't any fun to have to do. But I also know that you need to enjoy the rest now, cause when baby will be wanting to get sleep & spend time resting. I know you have had babies before. I'm just reminding you that for now you have to take it easy. Ok.?