Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Here I am trying to fight off Morpheus. I usually wake up around 8A.M. everyday. I spend the next hour with my son laying next to me watching Spongebob or Wow Wow Wubzey or whatever colorful high-pitched voiced cartoon he wants to watch. Then my honey wakes up and breakfast is made. I'm easy, fresh cut fruit and my son just wants string cheese in the morning. Weird, I know. Then after this realitively light breakfast we both take a nap. So really I start my day around noon. I pull up the laptop and surf for a bit or I'll go over my spreadsheet on my fair entries to see what I'm going to tat today. If it's honeys day off he'll take our son out to the pool and they'll play for a few hours before coming in. My brother is now officially living with us as well, and he's my new 'servant'..*cough, cough* Really he's alot of help to me right now. Then comes nap's like 4 or 5 in the afternoon. I wake back up about 9 or 10 at night, when honey would be home if he's working. Our son is usually next to me in bed and my daughter is playing her music so loud I'm suprised it doesn't wake me up. I pick up a random pair of shuttles, forgetting that I have a 'list' of tatting to do each day.I'm so sleepy lately.So here's last nights progress....
I did have to stop and think the direction through a few times before the way to encaspulate the white threads and get that small blue ring, registered. It's pretty much no-flip tatting, like doing the second half to a split ring. At it's current length it reaches from the back midpoint of my neck to just past 1/4 of the front of my neck. Yes, I have a small neck. I do plan on making it longer, I don't want it to be a choker. I want it to lay comfortably below the neck. Based off it's current thickness, I'm going to have to use a bigger sized thread so the pendant isn't lost to the necklace. This is size 30 thread by the way. I may have to dye a batch of thread or I could just make it in white with the blue beads. The biconal ones I thought were lost to the thread would be one possible solution. Although I did want to use the black beads...maybe something small on the sides with the black thread....hmmm..


  1. I know forced inactivity is so hard, but this extra time you have with your other children is precious and fleeting. And look what lovely things you are finding the time to make.

  2. By the chances is this the famous brother..who got the point of tatting? It's so wonderful that he is able to help you right now. Yes, the little ones grows fast. So this time you have with your little boy is priceless. As for your daughter don't look at it as though it's a mircle that you sleep through her music..but she's making noise that says,"Mom, I'm home too!" Won't be long & she will be off living her own life. So enjoy it all.
    Your tatting is beautiful too.