Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why is the light on?

                      Now that I've outlined a plan, I'm already not following it..
No really I had a case of insomnia last night, so rather than just lay there in the dark I irritated my husband and turned on the lights. Then I loaded a pair of shuttles....I wanted to make sure that pretty thread got used. I hated to see it just laying looking lonesome in my toolbox. I made the pendant that's in my banner. Camera clarity is shady at best it was late at night and technically I was tired. Unblocked fresh off the shuttles.

 I made it with blue-green glass beads for the four corners and a black round glass bead for the center, as well as black seed beads for the outer chains. I think it looks rather dramatic.The only problem I have with it is that the blue-green beads blend in a little too much with the thread. I had been thinking of using my limited stash of Swarovski crystals but I knew I wouldn't have enough for the chain. After the crystals those glass beads just don't have enough  of a bling-factor to them. I do have some gift cards from Micheals Craft Store that I could use to get more, the problem being it's over 100 degress right now and I so don't want to leave the comfort of my A/C. Not even for a quick run to the hobby store. I wonder if they even carry the crystals in a round form. I've mostly seen them biconal, and roundness is what we need.

I'm off to work on the fan...for a little bit at least...I kept wanting to play with this pendant some more...


  1. When sleep won't come, there is little point in fighting it. Looks like your sleepless hours were well spent. Lovely! Hope you slept well when you got back to bed.

  2. I think your pendant is very pretty. What a thing to be doing when insomnia hits - but I can relate! Sometimes tatting is just the thing to keep busy with to relax.

  3. I like the colors and from what I can see it almost gives an Native American look. :)