Friday, September 3, 2010


I forgot to rinse out my dye. Or rather I forgot I did it. Today's to do list was taking care of that.
I did not expect so much black dye in the kit I purchased. I did half a ball of size 30 thread (roughly 200 yards) and still had some dye to spare. So I tied up another 100 yards and seriously diluted the remaining black and mixed it. I have to say, I like the turn out. I really have to retake that photo in natural sunlight. It's a very light grey with some lavendar looking undertones. At least to me. It kind of makes me wish I did more. 
I also wished I had double checked the ties before I dyed the black. Two of the four came loose and the thread got all tangled up when I went to rinse it out. I pretty much frayed a portion of it trying to undo the knots. I still have alot of it left though. I managed to get about a quater of it on a make-shift thread holder before I had to stop. My hands have been going numb off and on lately. Out of the blue, for no apparent reason, it's really starting to become aggrevating.
Tomorrow I'll get back to the actual tatting. Today was mostly a 'chill' day. I actually got in the pool with the Honey and son. The water was alot warmer then what I expected. Three hours flew by without any of us noticing. Poor Honey was almost late to work. I felt better because I finally managed to get a little bit of exercise in, without worrying of hurting myself. I also gave Honey the 'extra gift list' of things I would like to have from Mostly shuttles and some dyed thread. He understood the shuttles but gave me a look on the thread. Yeah, maybe I should work with what I have before I add more to the collection.

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