Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finishing and displaying

Today was a rather no progress day. I'm two motifs away from finishing the current row on the Fantasia fan I'm working on. Then I shall have to put that aside as well until next Monday. When that day comes, I'll have to do a mad rush to finish the fan and the El Dorado doily as well as the playing cards. Although, I should just do the playing cards with an ecru back drop to give it a more antique/authentic look. I don't really think playing cards maintained their whiteness in the olden days by being manhandled much. But I don't think I have any ecru colored thread, I'll have to go check the toolbox and see what's there.
I've given alot thought on how my tatting may be displayed at the fair this year. I was thinking of getting some plastic display cases, maybe our Super Walmart carries them. At least for the contest pieces that have multiple items, like the Mexican and Western theme. This way the pieces won't be accidentally misplaced or labeled or anything. I was also thinking of framing the El Dorado just so I wouldn't have to frame it later. The only problem I could think of was that they, the judges, would need to have access to the actual items. To check for finishing and whatnot. I've seen some rectangle ones at Micheal's Craft store, and I was thinking of taking the larger pieces of each theme and getting a case based off that size. The Mexican theme is supposed to be festive, so I was thinking perhaps of also adding some confetti or something similar to the bottom of the case. I want to give a good presentation but I don't want to distract from the tatting.
On the Mexican theme my mother gave me an idea for next years entry. A Pinata. How cute will that be? I will have to make it in larger sections and with size 10 or even larger thread. If I use larger thread I'm gonna have to brush up on my needle tatting (sadly rusty) skills. I wouldn't want to fray the threads unless it's on purpose. She was making some mini-pinatas for a coworker who's leaving. I learned how to make them growing up but since they tend to only get made during Christmas or Mothers/Fathers day, I've forgotten the lessons learned.

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  1. Your creativity amazes me--and already thinking about next year, too!