Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goodies in my email box

I was checking my mail and found a coupon from Shutterfly. I had made a baby book of my son's first year with them last year. They sent me a redemption code for a free 8x8 hard back book. I was thinking of making another book of my son or one for my daughter. Her's is a more traditional photo book. After going through all my pictures taken recently of both of my kids, I don't have enough to make the book 'exclusive' for either one. If I make one of them together, my daughter will feel 'gilted' since my son already has one of just him. So I decided to make one of TATTING!
The Honey just laughed at me and asked if I had taken enough pictures of my finished tatting to fill that book. Hmmm, he had a point. So I bust out the external hard drive and look for pictures to use. I'm sad to say I don't have too many of my completed pieces, but alot of my Works In Progress. LOL. Still, I'm going to make one of tatting. I figure I'd fill it up as much as I can of my actual tatting. Then add a few pages of 'Eye Candy'. Or perhaps I can just add one or two WIPs with their stages. Yeah, the second idea sounds better.
Okay here's the Soccer Ball...
I've been using a styrofoam ball to help shape it. This is half done at this stage. The black thread is currently being dyed and should be ready to use tomorrow. I'm doing the white with CTM. I was so not planning on hiding more ends than absolutely necessary. After I add the black portion of the ball, I plan on using a balloon to shape and stiffen it. With the styrofoam ball you can't see the white tatting. White on white and all that. Two weeks left to get it all done.
On the personal front, I spoke with my Doc and he agreed to not take me off my disability. Wow, in about 3 and a half more months we'll have another kid in the family. Funny we still don't know what we are having. Well we'll all find out when it's born right?

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