Sunday, September 5, 2010


Here's the soccer ball with all it's little strings hanging out everywhere. I suppose I'm too used to looking at every stitch I make, because it doesn't look like one to me. Unless I cross my eyes and blur my vision. After spending all the time on adding the black motifs, I realized I started it backwards. I should have made the the twelve black ones first, then added the white. It was suprisingly difficult for me to twist the motifs right to get the joins correct. I also had to remember where the joins would be happening instead of auto-piloting it. I ended up snipping more off that I care to admit.

So now the tatting portion of the 'Mexican Theme' is done. Finishing/starching is of course on next weeks menu. So now, I have 3 entries completed, 3 left to do. Half done, yipee! All that's left is to finish the two doilys and the pendant for the necklace. I'm gonna save the El Dorado for last mainly because I would want to starch it as soon as I finish it. I might as well do it all when the mood hits. *evil giggles*


  1. Very clever! I look forward to the finale!

  2. I have been eagerly awaiting the completion of this soccer ball. It is coming along great!