Thursday, September 30, 2010

Green Knots part 2

What have I been up to today? Here it is.
I'm using the thread I bought yesterday. It's Coats Dual Duty Xp thread. Not sure on what sizing it translates to in tatterworld, but it's definately smaller than the 70 I tried this with before. That's a Clover shuttle for size comparison. If you click on the picture, you'll see the knots a bit better. I was thinking of using the brown/orange to make the second one for the other side of the Tatted Shuttle. Just because I want to see how the colors play out. I did run the thread through Thread Heaven before I loaded it onto the shuttle. I didn't want to deal with it snapping. Another thing I had to adjust was my tension. I usually tat a bit tight. That wasn't possible with this thread, it would not hold up. I had to make sure that I kept my DS looser than normal to make sure the thread passed smoothly when I closed rings. For the other shuttle being made, I'm going to use either 20 or 30 thread because the motifs I have in mind are not really that big. That shuttle's tatted items should be done much quicker than this one.

I did work on the Antimasscar for a few rings, but not enough to show any real progress. I do have a question to throw out to everyone tatting... Has anyone made any of the Smile Makers by Abby? And if you did, do you have any pictures of the finished product? I can't seem to get any of the pictures to show on the webpage. If not, I suppose I could always just make them right?

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