Monday, September 6, 2010

I can't believe it

I am out of white size 30 thread. I thought I had two balls of it left, turns out they are size 20. I went back looking at what I can work on until I can get some more. Not much. I am currently on the sixth row of the Fantasia fan. After I finish this one I will have two more rows and a few two ring connectors to add. Then this will also be done. Once I get to the other side I'll have to stop on this two.
The only project I'll have left to work on without the white, will be redesigning the pendant. I have enough of the aqua-ish thread to do a few trials and errors. I also have to look for my needle threaders. I found a pack of three at the dollar store here locally. I limited myself to three packs for now. I usually go through them like nobody's business, since I use them from adding beads to my thread to hiding ends to their actual purpose as needle threaders. I like the plastic plates at the end, it makes it alot easier to maintain my hold on them and they don't break as easily. 

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