Thursday, September 2, 2010

I have completed the white and majority portion of the soccer ball. All that is left is to remake the batch of black thread. It was tossed out by someone whom won't be named but understands that just because we recycle you should check to make sure the container is empty before getting rid of it! *cough, cough* I don't wrap my thread in plastic wrap when I dye. I use a cleaned out empty small bottle of soda. I loosely tie the thread together to keep it from tangling up then put it in the bottle. Add the premixed dye, shake and bake. LOL..I let it sit overnight then rinse wash and dry. The air is kept out with the soda cap. It makes clean up so much easier. I also have my dye bottles marked, but not everyone pays attention to what they're doing. It's a good thing I still have balls upon balls of white thread to work with.

I will have to stiffen it to hold shape. I also have to buy some more balloons to use to help form it while it's stiffening. My small bag of balloons were taken and entertained the kiddies for a day. I forgot to join in two places but it can be easily fixed when I add in the black motifs. I showed it to my mother and she was a little bit jealous of it. She's also entering into the fair, although her stuff is sewing. I sure do hope she didn't enter into the same categories as me, I would hate to have to compete with my own mother.

Now I have to finish the Fantasia Fan. It's half finished right now. I'm at the point to where I have to add alot of small flowers and groups of 3 rings. It can be very boring, which is why I stopped at this point.
Oh yeah I have to remember to dye that yellow thread today as well. Oh lunch is here, so off I go to enjoy.

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