Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I managed to find a shuttle fully loaded with white size 30 thread while searching for the ecru thread. I plan on finishing the Fantasia Fan today. To make the thread go that extra mile for me I'm going to also use the variegated thread for the final outer row. I've decided to also make a small mat for the fan as well. I've seen doilys from other fairs being mounted on boards and thought this would be good enough for the fan.
I was reading over the entry catalog again looking to see if I can frame the doily or not. It turns out I can't. If I had mentioned it would be framed when I submitted my entry list, it would  have be okay to do that. Since I didn't mention it, I can't do it. Spacing is limited on the walls as well I guess. So I'll have to do a board for the doily as well. Oh did I mention the fan is being listed as a doily? I got a reminder call about my doilys being entered, they wanted to know the dimensions of them. So when I posted about having two doilys to finish, it is the El Dorado and this fan. I'm on my countdown for turning in my entries. They are due next Friday by 3pm. That really puts pressure for Monday when I get paid. Rush to the store to resupply and find two plastic display cases, run the normal errands, and start my tatting frenzy as soon as I can. 
I did find some ecru thread but it's size 80, I'm going to do one of the cards and see how it matches up to the hat. I do hope it doesn't look too off, so I can get those done this week. Last night I began doodling on my drawing program, trying to find a good enough design for the Clubs and Spades. I also have to limit it and keep it simple since the heart and diamond are. I do have the red in the same size as the ecru, so matching those isn't a problem. The card back drop only takes about twenty minutes at most for me to tat up, so an hour roughly to get all four done. The motif in the middle does take a bit more time, at least for the heart because it's a dimple ring. Getting the dimple right is what takes long. The diamond motif didn't take more than five minutes, it's a simple chain all the way around.
My son finally settled down for his nap (thank goodness) so I'm hitting the shuttles to see how much I can get done today. Tonight is another story, but I have daylight, so let me use that up.

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