Sunday, September 26, 2010

I've been shuttle blocked...

No more tatting while son is hyper. He destroyed the first purple motif I made. I was looking for it when he came running up and jumped on the bed, patted my face, took my hand, and gave me what was left of my motif. One corner and a bunch of threads. Was he eating it? Then he reaches for the Antimasscar I'm currently working on and a tug of war insues. He's cracking up I'm trying to keep from getting fraustrated. I yell for Honey, who's completely unsympathetic, but he reluctantly takes our son and closes the door. A few moments later, our son runs back in squeeeling like a pig, grabs the T.V. remote and jumps back on the bed.
I try and work on the antimasscar, but he grabs my hand and won't let go. Apparently I'm supposed to watch T.V. with him and do nothing else.

Time to browse through my files again for something else to put in those shuttles. Something quick to make so I can send them on their way tomorrow....


  1. Well, I guess your son thinks your tatting is good enough to eat. Plus he's set on having time with mommy one way or another. Like my older son would say," Kids will be kids!" Sometimes they make us laugh, wonder where they come up with things & sometimes they make us cry & then later on we laugh over what they done when they was little. Some comfort aren't I? Well, I have had a little one not so long ago test some of my tatting too. He didn't eat it. But I thanked him for testing my tatting for me. Cause if it can stand up to little kids handling it,then I know it was done right. Yes, I got to redue it that time. ALl the other times, it has held up fine.
    Maybe if you could find something that he can make then he will learn that he can make things while you are making things too. It's just a suggestion & you will have to decide even if it's to color in a color book. It might work.

  2. Thank BSOTF..I do have to keep reminding myself, "he's only 2. He's only 2." Then he grabs the xbox controller and goes to the nexflix link, usually putting on either Bolt or Spongbob Squarepants. It scary sometimes the things kids can do by just watching you do it. Right now his two favorite things are that Xbox and counting up to 10. We tried going to 20 but he'll stop us and go back to 1.