Friday, September 24, 2010

Knots shorten

Almost done with the first of the motifs. I made a mistake and only did two instead of three sections. Still, I think progress is good. I want to have all four completed motifs in the mail by Monday so I can have my shuttles by my birthday next month.
Pictures graininess is because I'm still waiting for the camera thus using my phone to take all my pictures. Hopefully that camera will be here by tomorrow..hopefully.

Oh my Shutterfly photobook arrived a few days ago..
With all things, the better the clarity(resolution) the better the end results. This is a wonderfully made book. Some of the tatting I have in it, I couldn't tell you what its fate turned out to be. The first pages were primarily dedicated to my fair projects, then I did collages of smaller pieces. I didn't add any 'works in progress' although perhaps I should have. I put little captions of why I tatted it and who's pattern was used, thread sizing and manufacter. I did one page with nothing but a general assortment of my shuttles. I had fun making this book. I may do another one next year, if I have more 'new' tatting to fill that book.

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